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Take Control of Your Office and Keep It Comfortable

You can regulate the environment in your work space easier than ever with our 3M™ Solar Control Window Films. After our film installation, you will lower your energy costs, increase the security and privacy, and keep harmful UV rays outside of your building. 3M™ energy efficient window film help reduce solar heat gain up to 75%, which can help save money and energy when it comes to your building's overall operation and can help even out hot and cold spots throughout your building. According to U.S. Department of Energy statistics, approximately one third of a building's HVAC costs can be attributed to solar heat gain or loss through windows.

Solar Energy Diagram

3M™ Window Films can significantly reduce energy demands and peak loads by reducing solar heat gain and loss. Professional energy audits have proven that buildings retrofitted with 3M™ Solar Window Films will increase annual energy savings as high as 15% with improved year round HVAC efficiency. By reducing air-conditioner run time or lowering load conditions, 3M™ energy efficient window films can save money and energy. 3M™ Window Films can pay for themselves within three to five years and may qualify for Utility Rebates and Tax credits.


  •  Energy Efficiency - By reducing air-conditioner run time or lowering load conditions, 3M™ energy efficient window films can save money and energy

  •  Fast Return on Investment - 3M™ window film delivers average payback within three years

  •  Comfort & Productivity - regulate the environment in your work space

  • UV Protection - 3M™ Prestige window film provides the highest level of UVA and UVB rejection by blocking up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays

  •  Safety & Security - film holds broken glass together so windows won't shatter and minimizing flying glass in the event of impact or blast.

  •  Design - create elegant privacy with 3M™ Decorative Films

  •  Glare Reduction - Window film plays a big part in glare reduction and can improve television and computer screen viewing without compromising your view.


Increase Your Comfort & Productivity with 3M™ Solar Window Film without the Associated Cost of Tinted Glass for Your Building


Providing an abundance of natural light in your buildings is a great way to conserve energy. But sunlight can create excessive heat and uncomfortable hot spots, fades valuable furnishings, creates computer screen glare and contains harmful UV rays.


Did you know that tinting the windows can provide a cost-effective option to increase employee and tenant comfort? Employee comfort is important for productivity at any work place. Studies show that around 75% of workers have trouble concentrating if the office temperature is higher than normal and nearly 60% say typical tasks may take up to 30% longer in warmer conditions.

Productivity Graph

In addition to reducing hot spots in your building, having your windows tinted with 3M™ film also will allow natural light in without the glare. Tinted windows allow for blinds and shades to be left open, reducing the need for artificial light by permitting more natural daylight into spaces and maintaining occupants’ visual connection with the outdoors. The end result is more satisfied building occupants and greater employee comfort.


As an authorized dealer of 3M™ Window Films, you can protect your business with the films recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation while reducing your carbon footprint.


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