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The Art of Tint of St Albans Difference

Our Mission

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Upgrade your driving experience with our 3M Window Films

Skin Cancer Foundation

     Here at The Art of Tint of St Albans, we want to help you protect your's like taking your car to the auto spa...Here are just some of the services we are proud to offer:3M Window Tinting, ECP (Entire Car Protection) by Auto Armor , Car Graphics, Vinyl Decals, Vehicle Wraps, Racing Stripes,3M Headlight Restoration and 3M paint protection film.

"Our Mission is to continue to search for the most advanced window film & strive for world class customer service."

Whether your car is sweltering hot, you're constantly battling blinding glare on the road, or you just want to remain anonymous while driving, our window tinting services are here to help! Our high-quality 3M window films are perfect for heat and glare reduction, UV protection, and privacy while driving.

Shades of Grey

Not sure which shade is WV legal? We can help you through this process.



The darkness of window film is measured by “Visible Light Transmission percentage” (VLT%). In West Virginia, this percentage refers to “NET” percentage of VLT allowed in through the combination of both the film and the window combined.


Front Door Side Windows

Back Door Side Windows

Rear Windshield

Non- reflective tint is allowed on the top 5 inches of the windshield.

Must allow 35% OR more of light in.

Must allow 35% OR more of light in.

Must allow 35% OR more of light in.

Already have tinted windows? We can check your windows for "FREE" to see if they will pass.

Ride in style with our window tinting services and enjoy the benefits of a high-quality window tint for your car, truck, RV or SUV.

  • Heat reduction - Our films can reduce your vehicle inside temperature by almost 35 degrees.

  • UV protection - Our films are recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation

  • Glare reduction -Reduces driver's fatigue and makes you more comfortable

  • Privacy - Protection from "Window Shoppers." By reducing the visibility into your vehicle you not only add protection for your belongings, but privacy from unwanted "eyes," therefore making traveling by yourself safer.

  • Improve safety - 3M™ Scotchshield Automotive Safety Films increase break strength of your glass up to 400 lbs./sq. ft.

  • Lifetime Warranty - Did you know that the "lifetime warranty" is only as good as the shop and manufacturer offering it? Our window film worldwide warranty is backed by 3M™, the strongest in the business!


What makes us different than the other guys?


1. April 2014 makes 30 years in the window tinting business for me personally (Wade Anderson). I have continually searched for the most advanced techniques in the industry. I may not know all the answers, but I know what won't work! I am dedicated to learning and expanding this business.

2. We use the latest computer cutting technology by Graphtec. Your windows are in a large software database and we cut them out without having to put a razor knife on your glass! Even stainless steel blades now have some carbon in them and can etch your vehicles glass.

3. We clean our shop daily- Air ducts are sealed, floors are washed every day, Tanks are cleaned and we even use filtered water to not only to install your film, but to clean your windows also. We have a two stage window cleaning system to prep your windows to remove contaminants from the glass to get the best adhesion. We even clean out the gaskets!

4. Our installers are 3M™ certified. 3M wants to further enable us to be the strongest and most professional dealer network in the window film industry through a manufacturer's training and certification program with their comprehensive online and in-person training and continuing education platform.

5. What does this mean to you? We never stop learning. Our installers are part of the 3M Dealer Advantage yearly training certification program. We take pride in our work, no short cuts. We do everything possible to do the best job we can so you will be proud of your vehicle!  3M window films are made in the USA!


You ask.... "Why would I tell some of my secrets?" I want you to know what to ask the other guys when calling around and price shopping. It's not about price, unless it's the only question you know to ask! I wonder what questions these customers are asking now?

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We use computer technology to cut every vehicle