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Introducing The Next Generation in Protection.

  New product innovations providing coverage never before offered. To keep your new vehicle looking just like the day you took delivery. You need ECP Plus® The next generation in protection to fight back against accelerated appearance depreciation. Exceeding expectations is what ECP Plus® is all about.

The environmental paint protection sealant helps prevent environmental damage such as weather induced fading, weather induced chalking, weather induced loss of gloss, acid rain, bird waste, tree sap, fuel stains, paint over spray, hard water spots and insect damage while maintaining a showroom new paint finish.


The interior protection system helps prevent damage to the vehicle’s interior surfaces such as fast food & beverage stains, bleaches & dyes, fading or discoloration, mold & mildew and/or cracking of the dash!

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Wheel Appearance provides protection against wheel damage caused by excessive brake dust, corrosion and pitting (caused by road salt, ocean spray, etc.)

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