Protecting Schools with Window Film.

Safety window films provide an added layer of security for schools.

Window film provides precious time during an emergency.

School administrators and safety officials should consider 3M Safety & Security Window Films as effective protectants from active shooters that gain unwanted entry by shooting through a window. 3M’s invisible films help to hold broken glass in place and delay an intruder, thereby giving first responders more time to combat the deadly threat.

Protecting students and teachers.

3M Safety & Security Window Film

Warrantied for up to 15 years, schools throughout the nation have adopted 3M’s clear safety films as an effective deterrent against unwanted entry.

3M Company recommends its ULTRA S800 Safety & Security Film or its Safety S140 Safety & Security Film anchored by a 4-sided Impact Protection Adhesive.

Click the button below to view a case study on a Cincinnati school that installed 3M Safety & Security Window Film to protect its students and teachers.

Increasing School Safety With Window Film

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